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Tanks thermal insulating layer of allows to maintain the necessary temperature level during the whole storage period.

Metallprom designs and manufactures equipment for various stages.

The automation system of technological processes allows to set, regulate and maintain the required mode of operation of devices and tanks.

Metallprom Company makes the production equipment of various productivity. You can order your own project of the equipment which will respond to your production possibilities with us.

Serum separator
is the technological equipment for separation of whey from cheese grain during cheese or curd production.
The device contains a rotating disk equipped with a removable spiral for the cheese grains transportation.
Technical data
Productivity. l/h 30 000
Installed power. kV 2,6
Material AISI 304/316
On feet
On the base frame
Cheese press
is a product for thickening the cheese mass, removing free (intergranular) serum residues and forming a closed surface layer.
Technical data
Material AISI 304
Height, mm 2066
Width, mm 2130
Length, mm 1093 230
Cheese trolley
is a product used to transport cheese mass for further processing.
Technical data
Working capacity, m³ from 0,18
Material AISI 304
Height, mm 1072
Width, mm 1048
Length, mm 1417
Weight, kg 130
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