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We offer complete solutions for automatic control of production processes - from single-site automation to production line management.
Automation of technological processes within the one production process allows to organize a basis for implementation of production management systems and enterprise management systems.
As a result, the use of production resources is optimized, equipment downtime is reduced, and the products quality is improved.

With the help of information gathering devices, control signals are transmitted to the actuating mechanisms: shut-off valves, units, etc. The system allows to control production processes remotely, analyze incoming information about technological processes. Control systems receive and process data from sensors and issue control signals to mechanisms and devices in automatic mode.


The control system receives and processes data from sensors and in accordance with the set program generates control operations on actuating mechanisms.

Implementation of such a system allows monitoring of the required technological parameters, timely response the deviations from the optimum values, analyze and record indicators.

Metallprom Company cooperates with the reliable manufacturers and suppliers of accessories and spare parts.

We will always help you to construct and choose the necessary equipment for your production. The Automated process control system is designed to improve the efficiency of any production.

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