For more than 20 years, our company has specialized in the production of high-tech equipment for breweries and other branches of the food and processing industry.

We have gained the vast experience in stainless steel metal processing. We possess numerous modern machine-building models that allow us to perform various types of work with the highest quality just in time.

Cutting machines
Forging and pressing equipment
Metal-forming equipment
Assembly equipment
Welding equipment
Finishing plant
Auxiliary equipment for welding systems
Heat treatment equipment
Our high-class specialists, that constantly improve their skills, perform all technological operations, as well as maintain machines.
Machining materials
  • Bench-work and assembly. Assembly and installation of stainless steel products.
  • Drilling, boring Deploying and spotfacing of various holes, turning out grooves, threads (workpiece diameter up to 300 mm) in stainless steel products.
  • Saw cutting of metal pipes (diameter up to 600 mm), as well as hydro abrasive and separation cutting sheet metal (thickness up to 8 mm) of stainless steel.
  • Grinding and polishing, Of stainless steel materials that are intended to eliminate surface irregularities.
  • Forming bending and flanging. Bending shaping of stainless steel pipes and sheets.
  • Inert gas arc welding with non-consumable electrode
  • Resistance spot welding
  • Plasma arc welding
  • Surfacing
  • Thermal cutting
Production of individual elements for tanks, boilers, and stainless steel grooves

Based on the customer's parameters Metallprom calculates and manufactures conical bottoms from stainless steel and carbon steel.

Conical bottoms are made on sophisticated machines, and highly qualified designers carry out all design work.

Metalprom manufactures stainless steel bottoms up to 4,500 mm with the thickness up to 6 mm. Products can have any top angle, and at the request of the client, it is possible to manufacture the product either with flanging or without it.

We are also ready to offer you to manufacture the shells, barrels and gutters from stainless steel.

Ducting and installation
of equipment

Metalprom provides services for the installation and piping process equipment. Our Company has a unique experience in the design and creation of beer and dairy equipment , as well as for other sectors of the food and processing industry.

We carry out the production and installation of equipment. For many years of work, we have accumulated vast experience in strapping equipment at sites of any complexity. All works are performed on time and meet international quality standards.

of stainless steel products
according to your drawings

Our experts can realize any of your ideas and make products and equipment from stainless steel according to your drawings.

If you need a preliminary technical rendering of the product, then our engineers are ready to perform all the necessary calculations.

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