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Cleaning and polishing of malt
is produced in the crusher house.
Make sure you have optimally crushed the malt to make the malt enzymes able to designate the malt substance during the malt doughing.
Malt crushing facilitates and accelerates grain dissolution to ensure maximum transfer extractives to the wort.

We designed an efficient crushing system, which allows you to adjust the grinding fraction, provides the possibility of grinding any bulk products.


Before crushing the raw materials should be cleaned on polishing machines. Malt is poured onto inclined sieves, with which coarse husks and other contaminants are sifted out. Next, the raw material passes through a brush drum and a fan, through which the dust and all remaining undesirable impurities are separated.

For ultimate extraction yield, it is necessary to grind the malt so as to open the grain shell and separate the husk. With these goals malt crushers can do an excellent job. Malt is crushed on roller crushers, the device which provides the desired degree of crushing with minimal damage to the husk.

Metallprom cooperates with reliable manufacturers and suppliers of crushing, polishing and weighing machines.

At your request, we will evaluate the conditions of your production site and make equipment selection and manufacture the receiving bin for crashed malt.

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